Not #BelEVEN


Kelby Tomlinson, San Francisco Giants player, played a big role in this years push for the World Series Title.

Every even year since 2010, the San Francisco Giants have made it to the World Series and eventually won the title expect this year.

The 2016 season for the Giants wasn’t great or specular but they somehow made it in the Wild Card game which eventually took them to the World Series Playoffs. During the first round, they played the Chicago Cubs and eventually lost that round.

This was a new feeling that Giants fans haven’t felt in a while. Sure in previous years after winning the title for the first time in 50 years, the  team hadn’t reached the playoffs before, but this was the first time fans has to deal with them making it and then failing.

Now that their season is over, it is time to start looking towards next season. Who knows what will happen next season and only time will tell. Will they make a return to the playoffs in an odd year or will fans have to wait till 2018 to see another Giants playoff run?

Photo Credit: Scott Strazzante, The Chronicle


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