Bay Area Champs Say WHAAT


Buster Posey at the 2012 World Series Parade.

Every team in the Bay Area, except the San Jose Sharks (sad face) has won their sports championships. We are going to go back and remember all the times since I’ve been alive, so in the past 21 years, when the teams won their championships.

First lets give some credit to the Sharks. At least we can say that they have made it to the final round of their playoffs at least once. Good thing we are doing this now, because we couldn’t have said that this time last year.

The San Francisco giants have most recently won the World Series in 2010, 2012, and 2014. I will never forget attending the 2012 World Series Parade. Those memories is what truly got me into watching sports and made me realize the real meaning of Bay Area sports.

The Golden State Warriors are the most recent team to have won their championship. They won in 2015 and they also made it to game seven in 2016 but lost. To be 100% honest with everyone, I wasn’t much of a Warriors fan until 2014ish-2015 because I just never watched basketball. Sure call me part of the bandwagon, but I can and will never forget the feeling that went through me when the Warriors won for the first time.

Although the A’s haven’t won since 1989, the Raiders since 1983, and the 49ers since 1994, there has been both good and bad times with every team. The thing that I love most about Bay Area sports teams that that for the majority, there are a lot of the same fans everywhere you go. And the most for certain thing that we all know, is to BEAT LA.

Photo Credit: Allison Covey


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