Ranking Each Stadium


AT&T Park is considered one of the prettiest parks in all of baseball.

Here is a list of all the Stadiums in the Bay Area and my ranking of each.

  1. AT&T Park– This is number one for many reasons and will always be number 1 in many peoples books. The amazing sunsets that hit the bay are ones that many fan will never forget. If you get a chance, I would recommended sitting at the very top because you can see across the whole bay.
  2. Levi’s Stadium– The newest and most high tech stadium in the Bay Area. Everything is very open and modern. Even fans that aren’t Niner fans like this stadium.
  3. SAP Center– Some bias here since I technically work for this company but hey it is one of the best. Also known as the tank, it is considered one of the loudest stadiums to play hockey in.
  4. Oracle Areana– Eh, not as bad as O.CO, but needs some work.
  5. O.Co Coliseum– It is last for a reason. There is nothing too great about this place. Good luck to the Raiders and A’s.

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