Top 15 Sharks Players


I had the opportunity to meet Rob Blake when I was in seventh grade.

Here is a list of the Top 15 Sharks Players in the 26 year history of the team. This list is based on what I think and I will give an explanation as to why I believe so.

15. Doug Wilson– Not everyone is a Doug Wilson fan, especially in these past couple years. He currently is the Sharks General Manager and some fans believe that he has not made the right calls in keeping or trading players, but people need to remember why he is in San Jose. He finished his career here in San Jose in 1993 and became the team’s first All-Star, something that most people don’t know.

14. Scott Hannon– Scott Hannon was actually a first round pick number 23 for the Sharks in 1997. He was on the team for over 10 years and played a major hand in some of the biggest Shark’s victories.

13. Jonathan Cheechoo– All I can say about Cheechoo is that he dominated San Jose from 2002-2009 and you can’t forget about his 2005-2006 season where he scored 56 goals.

12. Jeremy Roenick– Sure this guy only played with San Jose for two season, dressing up for 111 games, but while he played for San Jose he was definitely a fan favorite.

11. Evgeni Nabokov– Words cannot describe the love for Nabby. The Sharks would not be the Sharks without having him play on this team. The day he was not signed again was a day I will never forget. Fast forward a couple years later, he is signed again and now is a development coach for the team.

10. Jamie Baker– Although he didn’t play too much of a role like some of the other players in Sharks history, he still works with the Sharks today and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet (trust me, I’ve met him before).

9. Dan Boyle– Boyle is one of those players that you will never forget. He always had a smile on his face and never let anything get to him. In 2016, he came back to San Jose and retired with the team after not playing with them for several years.

8. Ryane Clowe– For this one, I am going to tell you a little story. I met Ryane at Sharks Ice when I was in elementary school. He was one of the nicest players that I could have ever met and cared enough about me to ask how my day was going. When I found out that he had to retire in 2015, I wasn’t surprised to hear that it was from suffering from too many concussions.

7. Martin Jones– Jonesy. He took the team to their first ever Stanley Cup finals. WHAT MORE CAN YOU SAY HE ROCKS.

6. Rob Blake– Again one of the nicest guys to accidentally run into at a Sharks game and stand in line to meet. Previous captain.

5. Joe Thornton– The number one pick of 1997. Previous team captain. Lead assists. Olympic Gold Medalist. Lead everything.

4. Mike Ricci– I get to see him all the time at Solar 4 America Ice, the place I work, and he always has a smile on his face because of how genuine he is on and off the ice.

3. Owen Nolan– Everything that he has done on and off the ice for San Jose has definitely not gone unnoticed. He is one of those players that is amazing on the ice and off.

2. Patrick Marleau– The San Jose Sharks number 2 first round draft pick goes to him. He has played every single career game with the Sharks and has been with the sharks for 10 seasons.

  1. Joe Pavelski– My favorite player of all time. Captain of the team right now. Captain for team USA. What more can you say? He’s amazing.

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